Sunday, May 8, 2011

teeth are amazing

these are from yesterday. pictures from today will likely not make it on here tonight.

ashton kate is full of spunk. we truly can't get enough of her. (especially since she decided it was cool to start sleeping again)

bubbles in their water table was a tremendous hit. avery washed her car for almost an hour. she came and got me and said "mom, sit right here and watch me wash this car, okay?".

and these are from the game. before the run-in with the railing.

there are two things that come to mind when i see the above picture of me and ian.
1. man, my son is handsome.
2. man, my forehead is wrinkly.

after scouring the internet and gathering advice, we've decided that avery's tooth more than likely will survive this and she won't have to spend the next 2 years toothless waiting for her adult tooth to come in. phew!

p.s. thanks anonymous commenter, eased my mind for sure.


addyandwest said...

mandy- first, i never told you HAPPY BIRTHDAY! praying this year surprises you with new depths of His goodness and love in your life. also, the whole tooth thing happened to w last summer. he was wrestling and totally knocked his front tooth loose. needless to say, he has knocked it a couple times since, and it is still in place. firm as ever. i was really anxious and worried when it happened, so i feel your angst! you are handling it way better than i did:). oh... and i don't see any wrinkles!

Christy said...

Love those wrinkles! We're all gettin' 'em!