Saturday, May 7, 2011

what happened at basketball

we went to dave's basketball game tonight. the girls had a ball playing on the bleachers. and you should hear avery yell for her daddy. "go number 5!" "daddy, you're winning!"
avery was dribbling a basketball with her feet in between the bleachers and was obviously proud of her soccer skills as she kept yelling "watch this mom". there was less than a minute left on the clock and i was just about to start throwing our scattered stuff back in the diaper bag when i hear avery scream, loudly. when i got to her, her little mouth was bleeding and one of her two front teeth was wiggly. ugh. instant pit in the stomach. so many questions were running through my mind as i put avery in dave's arms and (sort of) calmly told him "i think we need to go". i raced through the bleachers, ian on one hip and ash on the other, gathering sippy cups and my little ponies. when i finally got a hold of someone via the emergency line of our dentist, the kind gal told me not to worry, that they'll see us on monday and that there's a chance her little tooth will just reattach and tighten back up.

praying that this is true. any of you have tooth injury advice or experience?


Anonymous said...

When I was about her age I knocked my two front teeth out. My granny stuck them back in and they did indeed tighten back up. She should be fine. Be praying for you.

Laura said...

This happened to Cody, too. He was a thumbsucker and that totally saved the teeth. Sucking his thumb held them in place for long periods of time and caused them to tighten back up!!