Monday, June 13, 2011

CR and OG

the memory card was in my computer when my mom snapped away at us.
dave in his fedora; me in my hat.


fortunately, elliott's mom is a pro photographer and so i'm hoping to snag one or two pics from her.
the murder mystery dinner was fabulous. the food, the decor, the costumes. wow. these people went all out.
what a cool way to celebrate a milestone birthday.

happy birthday gigi!
these two played "captain regular" and "ordinary girl" this past week at vbb. they ran down to the stage every morning, laura pushing ellen in a shopping cart we (legally) borrowed from king soopers and turned into a taxi cab.

they always entered yelling about something and then would end up helping me teach the kids their verse for the day.

so yeah, my friends dress up like super heroes and act crazy in front of a bunch of kids.


crazy love for those two.

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