Sunday, June 26, 2011

mr. and mrs. matos

while we were high on love and emotion and life, my memory card was at home in my computer, rendering my camera completely useless to capture the millions of sweet, beautiful moments yesterday.

like when
~ed saw kayla for the first time that day.
~ed and sharon opened an anniversary card from ben and kayla. and as aunt sharon read the touching words....they all ended up in a puddle of tears and hugs. beautiful moment.
~kayla put on her dress and her mom and grandma were helping with finishing touches.
tying the green ribbon.
placing her sparkly flower in just the right spot.
~i was helping kayla go to the bathroom after she had her dress on
~avery helped ashton grab flowers from her bucket while she was stalled in the middle of the aisle.
~ben led kayla and luis in communion.
~my aunt and uncle repeated vows, repromised promises and kissed in front of the crowd. 40 years later, same beautiful, old, brick church, same unending, ever-sacrificing love.

i'll have to steal some pictures later. but trust me. it. was. beautiful.
today, it was a fargos gathering for all of the family that was able to be here for the wedding.
fargos is a family tradition. we've been going here for get togethers and birthdays ever since i was a scrawny 8 year old. grandma loves big red (sliced tomatoes on top of canadian bacon) and we always convince someone to put a quarter in the player piano.

i had the privilege to chat with two of my long lost second cousins, courtney and mackenzie. they are beautiful, extraordinary people and i'm proud to call them family.
after a long, exhausting weekend playing the role of "wedding coordinator", my mom has graciously offered to watch the kids so we can have a night out with matt, rocio, ben and his new gal (we love her).

mom is so generous with her time. always, always, making room in her life to be with those kids and to bless dave and i.

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