Monday, July 18, 2011

the day we played in the river

friday, i convinced one of my oldest and dearest to come on an adventure. she followed behind me in her sequoia (she's not quite convinced that minivans are as awesome as i say they are) as we traveled up north cheyenne canyon road and i prayed the whole way that it would be good, that the kids would have fun, that we'd catch some good convo in the midst of caring for 3 babies and 3 toddlers and i also prayed that dan wouldn't be mad at me for dragging her up half a mountain with her kiddos in tow.

the Lord came through for us. He sure did.


prefect blend of sun and shade. yummy food. laughing, splashing toddlers and content babies. (although avery's not exactly a toddler anymore, now is she?)

we even managed to finish a couple of sentences and complete thoughts. success!
(yes, dan has TWINS!)

love you dan!


Amanda said...

Way to go girls!! How'd you hike with the 3 little ones?

Kim said...

That sounds like fun! Where can I find this little swim spot?