Tuesday, August 9, 2011

more MI

we arrived saturday night to several little people giving hugs, handing out signs and showing us around their michigan home. they made us a guest basket in our room, filled with snacks, bottled water and frappuccinos. there were even mints on our laid out towels. how fun to see where they live. their homeschool room, their plush carpet in the family room and the many, many labeled laundry baskets filled with toys in the basement.

sunday, we took all the kids to church while the boys went to a golf tournament. don't worry, they made up for it later. after the water park on monday, we left the boys feeding the multitudes grilled hot dogs and annies mac n cheese.

nancy took us to the melting pot where we enjoyed nearly 4 hours of uninterrupted food and conversation.


dave sure has an amazing mom and sister.


by day two, all of my expectations for this trip had been met. boo yah.

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