Tuesday, August 9, 2011

what are the odds

tuesday was a down day for the kids. the trampoline and amazing-keeps-7-kids-entertained-all-at-once-craigslist-find play set made our girls think we were at a theme park. they loved every second.

i got my three down for MUCH needed naps and headed an hour south, or north, not sure really, to ann arbor. and you would never in a million years believe who i was able to grab lunch with.

if you're not familiar. that would be melissa hayward and merilee newsham. i live in colorado, merilee lives in michigan, mel lives in india. and the fact that we were all within a couple hours of each other on tuesday, august 2nd is not just coincidence.

what are the odds? name that soccer season....

we were able to share small bits and pieces of our hearts with each other and i don't think 2 hours has ever gone more quickly.

i made it "home" in time for a chicken nugget picnic/movie combo. daddy's were gone to a baseball game; us girls ate salad at the table.

this was also the night we attempted to let avery and ashton sleep in the same room with libby, kady and ally.

bet you can guess how that turned out.


Amanda said...

Apparently you all like the same kind of shoes!

Melissa/Mel said...

that fireplace looks like yours...

and "what are the odds..." Roemer.

it still kind of warps my brain that i got to have lunch with you and merilee!