Saturday, September 7, 2013

better late than never

in an effort to try to organize my life for the craziness that is the fall season, i am going through picture after picture, making sure to get our memories on this here blog.  

this is so therapeutic for me, to remember; to write.  i love this quote that has long been on jody landers blog "the better we tell our stories, the better we want to live them." i've had such a pleasant time this afternoon.  me, my camera and the world wide web. 

 it is HOT here. after two i almost had a heat stroke soccer games, i let the kids run through the sprinklers in their underwear.  don't worry, we were in the back yard.  when their little bodies were sufficiently cooled down and new dry undies were snug around their booties, i tucked all three of them in for a snooze.  
ahhh. perfect time to heat up my coffee and scan through these photos.  
i'm in love with afternoon coffee and blogging. 

this is from our trip up to buena vista.
they are fabulous in their role as aunt and uncle. 

such a fun tree in the little city park of downtown buena. 

uncle matt teaches some rock climbing skills

um.  they are cute. and they are mine. 
i'm a lucky, lucky girl. 

did i mention we are still working on landscaping?!?
the girls love all of the mud :)

our first science experiment of the year, a volcano! 
i didn't have red food coloring, so we had blue lava. 

i had to get ian's shaving cream paint hand-prints done before he turns three next week!  

avery's first soccer practice.  she's been playing with a lot of these girls since they were wee four year olds.  this is their fifth season.  they play on the bigger fields now, with goalies and refs and a coin toss and everything.  big stuff.  so cute. 

steak and shake with the cousins. 

ballet class.

my little tag-a-long to soccer and ballet.  i was trying to capture the preciousness of his little hand on my arm.  

avery is serious about ballet.  furrowed brow, intense eyeballs on miss anastasha the WHOLE time, making sure she does it all just right.  

ashton's first soccer practice.

 she LOVES peyton and coach shanna. 

one of avery's little soccer friends right after their scorching hot game this morning. 

ashton's first game!

i've never seen a cuter pony. 

that feels fabulous.  
there are pictures on here that i took TODAY.  yay! ;)


Courtney said...

Hi!! I love afternoon blogging too! :)

Matt said...

great post! Love ya!

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