Monday, March 17, 2014

water raffle 2014

if you want to read this ENTIRE post, be sure to heat up your coffee and put curious george on for your kiddos.  

this year our water raffle is raising money for diana.

diana grew up in a community in uganda whose shallow wells were continually breaking down.  she says she used to ask herself, "who does this kind of work?" and decided at a young age that she would become an engineer so that she could fix broken wells and keep clean water flowing.

she says in her interview with tap:

"there are lots of people who come to uganda to help with our infrastructure.  they give the community a system and they think it's done.  what happens when this eventually breaks down?  the community can't repair it and they just go back to the swamp.  if people keep wanting to invest in new wells, this problem won't be addressed."

it's diana's idea to rehabilitate the broken wells.  and, well, we think that's fantastic.  by investing in existing wells, we have the opportunity to employ entrepreneurs to become well mechanics, while simultaneously providing clean water.  i've always loved multi-tasking.

diana keesiga works with water for people.  they believe that it is possible for everyone to always have access to clean water.  their slogan says it all.

"everyone, forever."

love it.

the adventure project's world water day campaign is partnering with water for people and diana to fix 23 broken wells in western uganda, providing jobs for 46 people, clean water for 5,750 and hope for, well, everyone.  i mean, when you watch this video and hear diana's words and see her smile and catch the determination behind her shining eyes, you'll feel it too, the hope.  it's spilling out everywhere.  

and i just can't seem to end any of these campaigns without saying this:

may all who drink from these wells know of the Living Water that flows freely and generously to us all. may the hope that this clean water brings, be a very real picture of the Hope that is Jesus.

He is everything.  

if my heart beats hard during march, it's because of Him.  if we raise money for diana's dreams, it's because of Him.  if we repair wells, create jobs and give dignity a chance to grow, it's because of Him.

may He take this raffle, these loaves and fish, and may He multiply hope to the ends of the earth.

and with that, i bring you the 2014 Water Raffle.

this is a 6 day long raffle, ending on world water day, saturday, march 22nd.  the goal of this raffle is to raise enough money to fund 4 wells along with their caretakers and mechanics.  because of One Day's Wages generous matching (matching every dollar up to 75k! wowsers!)  we need to raise roughly 1500 per well. yes, that's 6k.  in 6 days.  every bid counts.

figure out which items you want to bid on.  donate here (scroll down a bit to find the right donate button), and then come back and leave a comment about which items you are bidding on.  your name will go into a drawing for that item.  we will choose the winners on world water day.  amanda haag is keeping track of bids with her fancy-schmancy excel spreadsheet.  we're way more organized this year because of her.

if you are the first person to bid on an item, your name will go in twice for that item.  2 for 1.

you, of course, can bid as many times as you want on as many items as you want.  in fact, we highly encourage that. ;) 

let the bidding begin!

5 Dollar Items

*water drop 3t long sleeve

i bought these for the girls when Courtney was raising money for clean water!  how fun is that?  they are too big for them now, so you should bid on this for your little girl!  i love the fabric she chose for the water drop! 

*water drop 3-6 month onesie.  

courtney sent this to me the fall that ian was born.  it is such soft, thick material.  and baby boys look striking in black. love it.  


*Go. Seek. Love. 12 month africa onesie. 

 i bought these to support the cassada adoption.


*Go. Seek. Love. 18 month africa onesie.


*hand-crafted haitian bracelet.

last month becky straw (the adventure project's co-founder) bought this beautiful, hand-crafted bracelet while she was in a haitian market.  she was in haiti, of course, checking in on the awesome coal efficient stoves.  ;)


* beyond survival wooden africa earrings

the clapps are some of our closest friends.  they are in our life group and we have watched God break their hearts for a tiny country in eastern africa called swaziland.  we've watched as they've adopted two babies from there, developed care points in the community and led several working missions trips.  would love for you to check out what they are doing!  an incredible family, for sure.  


*beyond survival beaded loop earrings.

both sets of earrings are handmade by swazi's. :)


10 dollar items

*design your own shirt!

lindsay walker will put any applique on any size/color shirt you want!


*8x10 hand penned original art work by Kate Zimmerman (a friend of Tisha Deutsch)

here is her etsy shop

um. beautiful.  i love this so much.


*Sari Bari Bag.  Canvas Market Tote: Wide Stripe

i played soccer with mel hayward and merilee newsham.  now they both work for Sari Bari.

"Sari Bari is a safe place of employment where women who have been exploited in the sex trade or who are vulnerable to trafficking can experience a new life in the making."

Mel lives and works in india with the women of sari bari and merilee works state side with shipping. 


19" x 15"

handle length

25 inches


Simple yet super durable canvas bag with a big splash of colorful recycled handstitched sari on the front. This bag has a big mouth to allow easy access to everything you need to carry. Features hand-quilted channel stitching, four layers of recycled sari material, 100% polyester quilting thread, woven heavy duty canvas handle, heavy duty canvas detail. Unlined. Imported from India.

who made it

This item was hand-made in India by Shandhya
View more pieces by Shandhya or read her story


*raleigh tillman photo art print

one (1) framed mini print (winner can select photo and frame, and raleigh tillman will have it mailed to you!)

example below (this is how it looks on the Society6 page)


*chicken enchilada meal with chips and guac.

prepared for and delivered by mandy houle.  please only bid if you live in the springs or surrounding areas. :)


15 dollar items

*leap frog learning dvd set (3 dvds and flashcards)

i love leap frog's letter factory for learning letter sounds!  all my kids have picked up letter sounds so quickly watching this!  plus there is a blending sounds video and a general get set for school video as well.  i've used our leap frog flash cards with all three of mine to reinforce letter recognition and sounds.  they are great!


*Love Does (book by bob goff) and design your own shirt from courtney cassada.

if you win this, courtney will put any design on any size/color shirt you would like PLUS she'll send you a copy of the book Love Does.


*A bottle of Proper's 2011 Stone's Throw Syrah

(due to shipping licenses, please only bid on this if you are in the springs or surrounding areas)

yes, this wine is from our little vineyard up in walla walla, washington.  we have eight acres of grapes and those grapes make some killer wine.  in fact, if you go to our website, you'll notice that we're all sold out!  so this is a great way to try to get a hold of some of our wine! :)

92 points from the Wine Advocate

"…a slightly more open and sexy profile {than the 2010}, the 2011 Stone’s Throw Syrah offers up classic Walla Walla flair with gamey black fruits, olive tapenade, lavender and kirsch all showing on the nose. Medium-bodied, supple and beautifully textured, with soft tannin and an up-front, ready-to-go feel, it will continue to impress for 8-10 years."


*1 dozen s'more cupcakes from Sassy Sweet Designs (jessica lundahl)

there will be two winners for this so bid away!  you will need to be able to come pick up your cupcakes (in the springs) on sunday march 23rd!

we ordered these for my cousin kayla's baby shower and they were AMAZING!  yum!


* A 25 dollar gift certificate to 

Stacie Rudy is a stellar seamstress and there are lots of fun things to choose from on her adorable website!


*A doTERRA introductory oils package from heidi white

The kit contains 5mL bottles of Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint oil.  These oils are an effective, practical trio to start you on your essential oil journey.  If you are new to the use of therapeutic essential oils or looking for an affordable way to build your existing essential oil "medicine cabinet," the doTERRA Introduction to Essential Oils kit is a great value for effective oils and useful information.  


20 dollar items

* handmade wood pallet LOVE sign

tisha deutsch and her husband created this amazing handmade LOVE sign for the raffle.  i love this and her. :) and she will ship in the U.S. so bid away!


*a bottle of doTERRA's On Guard oil from heidi white

here's what heidi says about this versatile oil:

"doTerra's On Guard essential oil blend is a scientifically formulated, proprietary blend formulated to support healthy immune function.  It an effective, safe, natural, drug free alternative to antibiotics and other synthetic interventions.  On Guard is versatile and effective, making it doTERRA's best selling oil."


* Sari Bari Bag.  Mini Hobo: Rina II


15" x 12"

handle length

adjustable 33" max/18" min


We loved our friend Rina so much we named another bag in her honor. Rina passed away in February of 2012. The proceeds for this bag will go to support her children's education. This sleek little hobo offers an adjustable shoulder strap and sturdy canvas lined interior. Features a hand-quilted channel stitching, four layers of recycled sari material, 100% polyester quilting thread, woven heavy duty canvas strap, heavy duty canvas detail and brass zipper closure. Lined with 100% cotton canvas material with inside patch pocket. Imported from India.

who made it

This item was hand-made in India by Minu
View more pieces by Minu or read her story.

*enchiladas and guac PLUS a bottle of Proper's Stone Throw Syrah

again, only bid on this puppy if you are in the springs or surrounding areas.


*wreathsbyliz is offering a hand made wreath to 2 winners.  winners will get to choose from an assortment of wreaths like this.

so fun and creative, right!?!?


25 dollar items

*homeschool tracker one year subscription (60 dollar value)

Homeschool Tracker is a planning and record keeping solution designed to adapt to your particular homeschooling style in a simple yet sophisticated way. With Homeschool Tracker, lesson planning and organizing won't consume a great part of your day. Many of the features were suggested by home educators just like you who wanted their work to be...well...flexible!

*sari bar bag.  carry all: jiya

this is a great big-enough-to-be-a-diaper-bag size. :)


7" x 11" x 15"`

handle length

21 inch


So many pockets and so much room you can get away for the weekend or carry all that is needed for your little ones. Features hand-quilted channel stitching, four layers of recycled sari material, 100% polyester quilting thread, woven heavy duty canvas handle, heavy duty canvas detail and interior pocket with brass zipper. Three interior pockets and two exterior storage pockets. Lined with 100% cotton canvas material. Brass magnet button closure. Imported from India.

who made it

This item was hand-made in India by Bharati
View more pieces by Bharati or read her story.


*1 hour ballroom dancing lessons

taught by angelina shumaker, the winner will need to use this lesson by the end of may 2014.


*A "favorite things" basket from jody landers

i want this so badly :) but i'm going to let one of ya'll win it.  your welcome. 

here's what jody says about what's in the basket:

"Some books from my Favorite Authors.  (New copies of these 4 books in basket)

Listening to Your Life: Daily Meditations with Frederick Buechner

Cannot get enough of him.  Hang on his every word.

I Thought It Was Just Me (but it isn't): Making the Journey from "What Will People Think?" to "I Am Enough"  by Brene Brown

One of her first books and I think my favorite.  Must read for every person on the planet.

Turn My Mourning into Dancing by Henri Nouwen

Nouwen's voice calms me.  And this book gets revisited often.

David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants  by Malcolm Gladwell

This one is new for me.  But I LOVED this book.  Am going back to read everything he has ever written.

Bookmark Clips.  You can read all these books at the same time with these....

My favorite Burts Bees chapstick.  How anyone lives without this, I do not know.

Ice Chips.  These are my new fascination too.  They are supposed to be good for your teeth.  And they have no sugar. But they are really good.  And fun to eat.

Lavender and Lilac Lemonade.  Honestly.  This just looked really good. I couldn't justify buying it for myself, but I bought it for you.  Let me know how it goes. :)

Some treats from my corner of the country.  We do chocolate and coffee well.  Seattle Chocolate bar and Chehalis Mints.  

And if you come to Olympia, and I'll take you to coffee.

My travel must haves:

Ginger chews.  These babies have saved the day so many times for me when motion sickness starts to take over in an airplane or the back of a jeep somewhere...

Colgate Wispies.   You guys.  The best.  In my purse.  Always.  They will change your life. 

Green Tea Mints.  2 mints are equal to a cup of green tea.  That's supposed to be good for us, right?  But really, they just taste good so I like them.


*spot at soccer camp

i am going to do a 4-5 year old camp and a 6-7 year old camp this year.  both will be the same week in the mornings (just different times) and will most likely be towards the end of july.

35 dollar items (Photo Shoots)

* a 30 minute photo session with Laura Moffat at the old mining museum off of north gate

(you'll get a cd of edited prints and print release)

here are some photo's she did for danielle to give to mark for valentines day.

*a 45 minute outdoor photo session with Megan Hardre

(you'll get a usb of edited prints and print release)

can be family or engagement and must be used within a year of winning (so by next march 2015) and needs to be in colorado springs.

here is some of megan's work:


and that's a wrap.
are you still awake?
do you remember what you want to bid on?

figure out what you want to bid on and how much that would be.
go donate HERE. (you have to scroll down a bit...the donate button actually says "donate here")
come back and leave a comment about what you are bidding on.

you guys, thanks so much for being a part of the raffle.
i sincerely hope you win something that you wanted!

i love that we are actively bringing heaven to earth this week. 

so much love.


Miss G said...

I'm putting in 2 bids on the a 45 minute outdoor photo session with Megan Hardre. Let World Water Week begin!! :) Kelly

Courtney Cassada said...

bidding on jody's fav things. i need some of those. bad. :-)

Heidi said...

All 4 bids on favorite things, because we'll go to soccer camp anyway. I really want that. Nnnngggg....

Melissa/Mel said...

i bid for 1 "make your own shirt" and 1 "sew4the1" gift certificate!

also, i'm so annoyed that there are so many good things i can't win! (like ballroom dancing, and cupcakes, and Mandy's dinner!)

Lindsay Driscoll said...

2 bids for the Proper Wine
1 bid for the enchiladas
1 bid for favorite things

I hope i did the math right! Excited for what is going to happen this year through this!

Melissa Martynyuk said...

i am bidding on the LOVE sign!!!
pretty crazy this bringing heaven to earth.

thanks for being so inspiring Mandy!!!

love you lots!

Christa Lloyd said...

2 bids on 18mo. africa onesie
2 bids on the wreath
2 bids on the Sari Bari jiya bag

Loving this! Thanks, Mandy! Our family is excited to take part in this project!

Blessings friend,
Christa (and Sam)

lindsayw4 said...

2 bids on the wreath

sbrasfield said...

1 bid on bottle of wine
1 bid on red beaded earrings


gigi orsillo said...

1 Kate Zimmerman art
1 doterra oils set
1 doterra on guard
1 LIZ Taylor wreath

Tawni said...

Love that you're doing this campaign again this year!
I'm bidding on:
*Haitian bracelet
*LOVE sign
*3-6mo black water drop onesie


Unknown said...

Just donated for 2 "tickets" for the basket of books!

Hope you reach your goal!

Aunt Alice said...

Glad I took the time to try & help out this year with your water campaign, Mandy. Blessings & prayers for a huge success in this project.
Just donated
1 ticket for the Market Tote
1 ticket for the wine

Melissa said...

1 bid for Laura Moffat's photo session. I really want that!!! :)

Holly said...

four bids on Becky's Haiti bracelet!

Rachel said...

Great cause! I hope you reach your goal.
I bid on doterra on guard EO

Teresa Walters said...

1 bid on the sari bari jiya bag :)

maggie k said...

I bid twice on the LOVE sign.

Becky Straw said...

I bid on Countney's baby shirt and Bob Goff book (I'm embarrassed that I haven't read it yet)! This is awesome!! Thanks Mandy.

jesse chupp said...

1 each: wine, 3t water drop shirt, hand penned artwork, wreath.

God bless!

Love you all!

Stephanie said...

Hi Mandy! Count me in for 2 bids on the 45 min outdoor session with Megan H. and 3 bids on the enchilada/guac/deliciousness by you!

Krista said...

I'd like to bid on the doTERRA intro oils kit. Thanks!

Megan McCluskey said...

1 bid for the Sew 4 the 1 gift certificate
1 bid for sassy sweet cupcakes

Mandy said...

for gg e.
3 bids on the restaurant gift cards
1 bid on the shirt plus love does
1 bid on the on guard oil
2 bids on the mini hobo bag
1 bid on the canvas market bag
1 bid on the jiya bag
2 bids on jody's basket

Melissa said...

You are so awesome, Mandy!

Here's my bidding breakdown...
2 entries- for the beaded loop earrings ($10)
2 entries- for the DoTerra intro pack ($30)
1 entry- for the enchiladas and wine! ($20)
2 entries- for a super cute wreath ($40)

laura said...

1 entry - doTerra intro pack
1 entry - Favorite Things box
1 entry - Laura Moffat photo shoot

Thankful to be a part of this, Mandy :)

Miss G said...

one more bid for Megan's photo session

Courtney Cassada said...

i'm back for more :-)

2 bids on haitian bracelet
1 bid on doterra intro oils
1 bid on wreath
3 more bids on fav things basket

i hope i win something!! :-)

Katie Turner said...

I just love this!
1 bid on the super cool design your own shirt
1 bid on the oh so awesome ballroom dancing
1 bid on Stacie's most adorable sewing collection

Julie said...

1 bid on Jody's favorite things. I love this! Great idea - great cause.