Friday, March 13, 2015

carry the fire

did you know our good friends garrett and elaina's ministry, worship mob, just released an album with integrity?  it's crazy exciting.

i've shared garrett's story on here before, but i'd like to share it again in case you missed it.

our friends, g and e have been a part of worship mob for several years now.  it began in our friend sean's basement, where he invited who ever wanted to come and spend some time worshiping.   he began recording those worship sessions and putting them up on youtube and honestly, peoples lives began to change.

i stole this from an article charisma did on worship mob..

"WorshipMob has connected with a global audience through 54,000 YouTube channel subscribers to date and over 9 million views of their impassioned, organically produced videos.

Today, the "Mob" represents 30 local churches through 70-80 ministry leaders who meet weekly to worship, pray together and encourage one another. The meetings are also "open to anyone who wants to come soak in the presence of God," shares Mulholland."

integrity caught wind of this astonishing grassroots story and wanted my beautiful friends along with all of worship mob to make an album.

it's all grace, folks.

i have been blasting this through my house.  the whole thing is fantastic, truly, but i have love outran me on repeat.  g and e wrote that one.

i remember a few years back when they first wrote it.  they were over at our house and played a rough recording of it up in our bedroom after we put the kiddos to bed.

"where life was lost, you say there i was found."
"your love pushed harder than my resistance."

and i don't know about you, but seeing the way these songs and these lyrics are rising up out of the ashes of very broken places of my friends lives,  places where life has most definitely felt lost, is amazing, not only because i am so grateful for the redemption that is happening in their lives, but it makes me all the more confident of the redemption that is taking place in my own.

these songs will bless.  and bring freedom.

you can get them through itunes here. 

you can also bid on this album on monday for the water raffle! :)  i'm giving away 2 of them.

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Courtney Cassada said...

i am sitting here BAWLING my eyes out after watching that. so so beautiful. i'm going to watch it every day until i feel like my heart REALLY hears it. thank you for sharing that!