Monday, March 14, 2016

raffle items--gigi orsillo

oh gigi.  i somehow feel that i lack the adjectives to describe this friend of mine. boisterous, bold, beautiful, bringer of all the raffle prizes.... :)   she has a grocery store story that will make you cry and realize what a giant heart she has.  her girls birthday parties are like disneyland for my kids.  i honestly feel like she would just give and smile and give and smile all day long if she was given the chance.  i need someone like her in my life and i'm so glad that i have her.

gigi is giving away all of the things.

a hair cut by Candace Bachara--hollywood makeup artist and hair sylist.  she does one republic's hair and GIGI'S   (20 dollar bid)
Inline image 2

Inline image 3

20 dollar gift card to splurge on a fancy latte at humble coffee plus a spa manicure and pedicure at Hyacinths Boutique and Salon in downtown Colorado Springs. (25 dollar bid)

Inline image 4

25 dollar gift card at coquette's bistro  (10 dollar bid)

25 dollar gift card at poor richard's (10 dollar bid)

a year subscription to Homeschool Tracker

a customer testimonial...

"You save time and money by creating reusable lessons plans. Your work is never wasted. Here’s a practical example: When your oldest child is done with first grade, you won’t have to make any lesson plans for your next first grader.

bidding starts tomorrow! 

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Miss G said...

This is a great description of Gigi! I love knowing her! GREAT prizes Gigi!! Kelly