Monday, March 14, 2016

some house items

the kids are at mom's.  (my mom and grandma said they HAVE to watch the bachelor finale tonight.  is that hilarious or what!?  don't worry i told them to put on something more wholesome for the children.) dave's working on proper.  i have the house to myself tonight and i'm feverishly working on launching this raffle tomorrow.

when you come here tomorrow there will be a bidding page (this is because of amanda haag) where you can place bids for as many raffle prizes as you want.  the bidding page will have a link to the donation page.  after you have made your bids and donated, amanda will put your name into a virtual hat for all of the prizes you bid on.

a couple items that should be noted:

i have highlighted 15 or so prizes and those will all be on the bidding page along with several more that i haven't highlighted yet.  i plan to highlight the rest of the prizes throughout the week.

if you are the first one to get your name in the hat for a prize, your name will go in twice for that prize, 2 bids for the price of 1.  

the adventure project has secured a matching donor for world water day.  if you plan on making a generous donation, please hold off donating until world water day, march 22nd.  

by the time this post is up we will be unable to add any more raffle items to the bidding page. next year!

 "we see you, we see the water crisis, we see the need for economic growth....and we are sending good news.  and this good news is not coming in the form of a book or a pamphlet, this news is clean water, this news is sustainable work, this news is dignity."

let's do this.