Tuesday, March 15, 2016

water raffle 2016

it's dark and quiet here.  i'm up before the sun.  my whole household is still asleep.  the coffee is brewing and my heart is pounding. 

i can't help but picture tiny 4 year old diana staring at her village's broken well and thinking "who is going to fix this?" and then bravely and boldly deciding "i will.  one day, i will."

i feel like if diana can be brave and bold enough to say "i will fix this problem." , then i can be brave and bold enough to say "and i will help you."

and this is when Jesus has to come in and do something miraculous with these gifts; these offerings.  here is where He meets us in this ordinary blog and these ordinary prizes and transforms them into something sacred.  

may this raffle be a sacrament, Lord. may you meet us here and use this space to somehow bring glimpses of heaven to our friends in Uganda.  we want the hope we have to trickle out everywhere and we trust you with that desire, knowing it's your desire, too. 

this year, the raffle for the adventure project aims to rally around World Water Day in an effort to rehabilitate the 3 broken down wells still remaining in water for people's pilot program in the Kamwenge district.  along with the wells' rehabilitation, this project will create 6 jobs (a care taker and mechanic for each rehabilitated well), providing economic growth and a sustainable way to ensure a clean water source that will last. 

basically, what i want you to read is this:

this year we are working toward bringing heaven to uganda.  that sums it up quite nicely. 

Your kingdom come.
Your will be done.
On earth as it is in heaven.

the raffle will end on world water day, tuesday, march 22nd.  we will announce the winners around 8 pm mountain time.

bid here.
donate here. 

don't forget about 2 for one bids and big donors waiting until world water day for matching! more house items here. 

More specifics of this year's campaign.
What keeps us involved in this yearly raffle.

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