Wednesday, January 13, 2016

ashton's reading party

ashton finished 100 easy lessons last spring, but we were unable to have her reading party until this fall.
it worked out okay, because her cousins ended up being able to be there!

making her cake

 our cute reader!

 she was SO nervous to read in front of everyone.  
she almost cried when it was over. 
i was incredibly proud of her!

20151002_184557 from mandy houle on Vimeo.

the "letting people sing to her" part was WAY easier for her. 

opening her new books!


Miss G said...

Mandy! I love your heart for your kids! Kelly

Mandy said...

Such kind words, kelly. Thankyou!

Melissa said...

Thank you so much for posting about this!!! I told Alice we'd have a party for her after she finished her 100 Easy Lessons. She finished before Christmas, but the party hasn't happened yet. Thank you for encouraging me to still do it. It's an important milestone and it deserves to be celebrated!

Mandy said...

Do it! You get new books! :)